Playing in the Dirt

Like most attorneys, or office professionals, I work at a computer pretty much all day.  Eyes glued to the screen, butt glued to my seat.  I get outside when I walk to and from my car…aaaaaand that’s pretty much all of the vitamin D exposure I have during the work week.  So I’ve taken up gardening…in my rented apartment’s back yard.

And let me tell you – digging in the dirt is amazingly therapeutic.

I love it – I get to move my body, get some fresh air and sunshine (miraculously, in the middle of April in Iowa…), and I get the satisfaction of helping things grow.  So this weekend, we took advantage of a break in the “April showers” to do a little landscaping.

This is what the other half of our duplex yard looks like, and what our half looked like when we started – and yes, a lot of those vines are poison ivy. Yucko!

This is what our half of the yard looks like now.

And the we were able to do a lot of it on a budget (transplanted plants and retaining wall blocks from neighbors) with a little elbow grease and several months’ worth of weekends.  For a rental yard, this is pretty great – can’t wait to see what we can do with our own yard!


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