Urban “Farm” – Year Two

Last year, we decided to co-garden with a couple we’ve been friends with for a while. They had some room in their back yard, we had become addicted to The Backyard Homestead, and our urban “farm” was born. Or at least parts of it were born – the broccoli flowered immediately, the squash got squash borers, and none of the onions or herbs made it past mere sproutlings. So really, we had urban tomatoes and peppers.


Chives that came back from last year

We have since moved into the building next door to our fledgling farm and are armed with experience this time – squash borers, you just try to eat our zucchini! Our friends had a family emergency and had to spend the weekend away, so we decided we would get the first round of planting in without them as a surprise for when they got back.


Brand new zucchini plants and our sweet potatoes that came back from last year

We haven’t gotten to the point where we can harvest seeds from our plants (or even grow more than lettuce from a seed), so we headed out to Lucille’s, a great little greenhouse outside of town. With all of the warm weather we’ve been having, they had everything on our list, except brussel sprouts (yes, we are huge fans of brussel sprouts…covered in a homemade cream sauce. Yum!).


Bagel, inspecting our work

We turned over the old beds, mixed in some composted manure, and put last year’s black fabric (still in great shape) back on the raised beds to help combat weeds. The best part was that the rain waited until we were finished planting and then gave our new little veggies a good soaking!


The finished product!

Next project, chickens! (Or maybe we’ll wait for those until we move to Texas… 😉






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