Wascally Wabbits

In less than a week, our little urban garden has lost two pepper, two eggplant, and two basil sproutlings.  We woke up one morning and our baby plants looked like this:


(Sorry for the blurry image).  Some of them had been eaten down to the root! We didn’t have this problem last year – the only plant-eating offenders were squash borers.

After some research on the interwebs, we discovered the culprit – wabbits!  Very cute, and very sneaky little buggers.  So this weekend, we spent an afternoon rabbit-proofing some of our raised beds.  The little guys apparently are not huge fans of our tomato plants, so we focused on the lettuce and the eggplant/pepper/cucumber beds.


Hopefully, this small addition will keep our furry friends away from our plant-babies until they’re big enough survive losing a leaf or two.


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