Yesterday afternoon, the entire group headed almost three hours outside of Johannesburg to Pilanesberg National Park.  It is definitely smaller than Kruger but, given the short time that I’m here, I was pretty excited.  Our group loaded into two open-sided trucks and headed out with two instructions – bring warm clothes for when the sun goes down and do not make loud noises.  I promptly broke the last rule when I saw this…


Not sure what these are…

“Pajama Donkey,” per our guide…

Elephants trekking up a hill

Water buffalo, or wildebeest…I had trouble telling them apart


Some kind of antelope

Black-backed Jackal

Zebras and antelope

Elephant – looking right at our truck

More wildebeests (or Water buffalo…?)

Hippos! One girl asked if the hippos would come out of the water. Our guide replied “Hippos come out, you die.”

Black rhino – extremely rare to see

Monkey – he was shaking that light back and forth. So cute!

Sun setting on another type of antelope

Beautiful South African sunset in the Park.





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