The Takeaway


On my last day in South Africa, I went out to lunch with a few of the “Wedgwood 10” (named after the B&B we were all staying at). On girl asked me what I would be taking away with me from my trip. Excellent question, without only one answer…

I’m taking away my experiences and new friendships with the people I met on the trip. I didn’t sign up for the trip with the intent (or even the thought, to be entirely honest) to meet people. But when I look back on the best parts of the trip, they were all moments I spent with the people I met.

I am taking away at least five to ten extra pounds on my little frame (my apologies to my poor bones for the added weight) from all of the amazing food I had! Why there are no South African restaurants in the United States is entirely beyond comprehension after my week in Johannesburg. I went to two braais (South African BBQs) and enjoyed well-seasoned chicken, fish, vegetables (the greens were amazing!), and the cake they made with fresh cream – holy wow was that good!

I am taking away a feeling of resolve – I finally figured out what I want to do next with my professional life. When I started this blog, I made a list of qualities I wanted in the intellectual/professional sphere of me. There were so many, I truly never thought I would be able to buckle down and go after one career option. Then South Africa and all of the stimulating, inquisitive conversations and debates happened, and now I know – I want to get my LLM in comparative constitutional law, and go into academia. And, as my trip came right after an amazing week in my current office, I know the type of people who I want to surround myself with in a work environment. “Ask and you shall receive,” right?

Who knew the answer would come in a country with a history like South Africa…



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