The South Afri-glow


I’ve been back in the US for over two weeks and I think I’m just now coming out of the afterglow from my trip to South Africa enough to dust off the blog.

Nothing in my day-to-day has really changed, and I still haven’t caught up on sleep from my 15 hour return flight, but I have definitely stepped into a kind of post-travels flow – my life is on a roll. So let me back up a few years to when I moved back from Liberia – I had been coffee-free over there (they only have instant, so it wasn’t hard to do) and fell into the “at least one large latte a day to get by” trap. Every morning I woke up tired. Enter latte #1. Then I had a caffeine crash right after lunch. Enter latte #2. Going out with friends after work? Top the day off with latte #3. Last year, I finally switched to decaf…temporarily. This January the fatigue was back, and so was the caffeine. Lethargy was my life, but post-South Africa, I’m energetic and productive during the day, and sleep like a rock at night.

Get this – Since I’ve been back, I finished book two of the Game of Thrones series and am half way through book three. My colleague and I completed the iron-on work for almost 20 t-shirts for our annual staff retreat. I finished sewing and printing my second throw pillow cover, and altered two dresses and a pair of pants on my own. I’ve been the first into the office every morning and the last out at the end of each day. I gave my dog her annual aircutI’ve ridden my brand new bike on two long rides each weekend, and I’ve been cooking more than ever. And no lattes! Just a cup of regular old wait, could it be? That’s right…

Happiness! Yeah, I know, right? Where the h*ll did that come from? It’s almost like happiness hitched a ride with me back from South Africa – the trip that keeps on giving 🙂



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