Taking My Pulse

When I was a kid, my gym teacher would always have us take our pulse after our exercises, to check in with our bodies and see how hard we had (or sometimes hadn’t) pushed ourselves.  I’m sure it was a completely hilarious sight – awkwardly built, sweaty pre-teens all standing around in mis-fitting gym clothes with hand on pulse.  But it was my favorite time in gym – connecting with my own body and literally feeling how amazingly complex it was.

I started this blog almost 5 months ago as a way to push myself to build the life that I want for me – 200% of life.  I took on this process as a marathon, not a sprint, but either way it has definitely been an exercise and now I think it’s time to “check the pulse” of my endeavor.


Personal finance is one of those areas in my life I think could always use some improving, but I’ve got to say that I’m pretty happy with where I/we have ended up in just 5 months.  Right now, the only interest-bearing debt we have is my student loans – pretty amazing for a 30-something couple, right?  Even with all of the moving expenses we’ve had to pre-pay recently (when did moving get so expensive??), we still haven’t had to put anything on a credit card that we didn’t pay off before it started gathering interest.  And we were even able to treat ourselves to some original, 1950s Eames molded plywood dining chairs last week!


The new duvet cover I was making for our bed is (still) not finished.  But, in my defense, that sewing project took a back seat to the desk project I’ve been working on recently.  I’m refinishing a vintage, Steelcase desk for my new home-office in Austin.  Between those two projects and the cooking I’ve been doing, I’ve been feeling a lot more grounded and whole.


Well…I was doing pretty good on this one.  Got a bike, rode it at least twice per week, and started putting a lot more fresh food in my diet.  Then everyone in my office was out sick or out-of-town, which left me to deal with some pretty heft legal issues by myself for an entire week.  And, although exercise and eating healthy foods would have actually benefitted me during this period, I fell back onto my “sit on the couch and eat Mexican take-out” habits.  Oh sigh…more work to do in this area for sure.


Friday, this area completely took off – my boss and senior management decided to let me keep my job remotely from Austin!!! (oh yeah – doing the happy dance)  I am so excited and relieved.  I love, love, love the people I work with and being given the opportunity to continue to work with them even after I move out-of-state is just amazing.  I predict a lot of Facetime conversations in my future…


As of today, we only have one month left until we move.  So I have been making a point of setting aside time to “say goodbye” to all of my friends and former colleagues here in Des Moines.  Although this city has not been one of my favorites and is really not a good fit overall, I am reminded of how many great people I’ve met here and am a little more grateful for my time in Iowa’s capital.

All-in-all, there is movement in each of these areas.  Still definitely more growth to make (as always in life, right?), but taking the time to check in and reflect on where I’ve come from has made me actually pretty proud and happy of the changes that have happened so far.


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