Lifetime Supply of Pesto

We have been meaning to make pesto with our neighbors/co-gardeners for a while now. And by while, I mean over a month…which means that, as of this weekend, our six basil plants had turned into basil bushes! One basil bush is now towering over and crowding out our poor pepper plants. So this weekend we finally broke down and made pesto…lots and lots of pesto.

I found a unique recipe online that called for adding parsley. Lucky for us, our parsley is the runner-up in the “herbs who are taking over vegetables” competition going on in our garden. There are leaves on our parsley that are larger than the head of a soup spoon! So, perfect recipe for us. I modified it slightly – toasted the pine nuts beforehand and added a bit less garlic.


We made four batches that were each four times the original recipe. It ended up being about six quarts of pesto (know anyone who needs any??). The jars our neighbor bought at Hobby Lobby some time ago for another purpose, but they worked perfectly when combined with chalkboard labels.


My little fingers and hands are sore from all of the work, but wouldn’t you know, we only used up about half the leaves on our basil bushes! I see pesto-weekend round 2 in our future…




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