The Before



When I was 8, I created Tunaland – an entire world dedicated to my cats, and my friends cats, and the cats I invented that would be the antagonists of all of the real cats I knew and liked.  It was an island the shape of a fish, because hey, cats like fish right?  The eye was a lake and the fin (because I drew it from only one side) was a moat around the castle where my cat, Granny Moo (yes, that really was her name), reigned as queen of Tunaland.  I drew it out on graph paper, and when I finished the land, I drew out floor plans for the castle and all of the other houses – litter boxes and all.

Eventually designing cat houses gave way to designing my own, dream house.  I love mid-century modern design.  I pour over Apartment Therapy like most women my age pour over the Nordstom half-yearly sale.  I know that my favorite TV heroine – Bones – has a Noguchi coffee table in her living room.  Dating, now living with, an architect who designs and builds modern furniture has definitely “created a mod-nster.”  (badum-bum…)  So here are the before, because there will definitely be an “after,” photos of our little Austin bungalow.


From the Entryway


From the Dining Room

Right before we moved, an architect friend and his partner had a yard sale in preparation for remodeling their kitchen/dining room.  The two Eames molded plywood chairs in the living room are originals from the 1950s.  Only fitting that they share space with another original – the 4-Drawer Coffee Table by none other than my boyfriend, JP.  (Note – No, there are no dead rodents in my house – those are dog toys, and my house is covered with them :))


Dining Room/Breakfast Nook

JP and I have been a lot of places together – Liberia, France, Chicago, New York, Washington State, and many more.  Our wall of photos chronicles our travels, and there are a few empty frames that we hung to remind us we have more traveling yet to do.




More kitchen..

Lighting aside, our kitchen is 1950s-adorable.  It has great bones, and the owners’ grey/white paint job just adds to that vintage-modern feel that I get weak-kneed for.



Speaking of grey, the color palate of the architect – black, white, grey…and maybe  one acceptably retro color like…orange.  Thus, the grey, grey, and more grey throughout.  At least it’s better than that seafoam counter top (suggestions anyone?).  Yikes!



JP’s grandfather was an artist and editorial cartoonist.  The charcoal drawing of a woman on our wall was his – from the mid-1940s after he had returned from World War II.  Just one more page in the story that is our home.


Closet (my half)

No good bedroom would be complete without a well-organized closet.  At least no bedroom occupied by an anal-retentive, attorney-type (moi?).  If I go missing, look first in the IKEA organization department 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Before

  1. I love the collection of travel photos in the kitchen. I’m sure it’s a great conversation with guests @ dinner parties. The kitchen is amazing. Nice place

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