Hillside Farmacy

You know that phenomenon where, when you want say a red BMW, the only cars you notice on the road are red BMWs? That was me and Austin. I really, really, really wanted to move to Austin and so suddenly everything I read, watched, or listened to somehow had a connection to Austin. One of those was a post on Apartment Therapy about an adorable little cafe that had recently opened up in East Austin. A few months later, I received an excited text from JP while he was on his apartment-search trip down here – he had found this amazing cafe that we had to visit after we moved. So then this morning, we set out to get some breakfast burritos at a famous Mexican joint in another part of our neighborhood, but the every-growing line around the block made us change our minds. We drove right on past and ended up (bet you already guessed it) at that same adorable little cafe – Hillside Farmacy.


Natural sugar lump – so perfect

That place is so stinkin’ cute! The space itself clearly had some good bones (I especially loved the original, hexagonal floor tiles), but the designer made sure every detail fit into the overall vintage environment.



The food was pretty tasty too, and I already have made note of family and friends that I plan on bringing to the Farmacy when they visit. I had the crab salad croissant (the wonderful lemon aeoli added a nice balance to the usually rich flavor of the crab), but the salad was my favorite – pickled onions on a bed of lettuce. A genius alternative to traditional, liquid salad dressing.


Crab salad croissant

JP had the special – cheddar grits with Cajun shrimp and pork belly. His plate was clean by the time I finished my salad.


Cheesy goodness

The best part tough? The fact that we now live in a city and in a neighborhood where there is a restaurant like the Hillside Farmacy. I have finally landed my “red BMW” – Austin.


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