Date Night at Vivo – Part Two

My alarm went off this morning at 9am – yes, it is Saturday. I had this great idea that getting up around the same time every morning was a good idea. Intellectually – good idea. Physically – bad, totally bad. So I hit snooze and in less than one-snooze time my phone was going off again – what the…! It was a phone call from one of closest friends on the East Coast (she says East Coast…I say Idawahio). No way I was missing that call, so I got my little self up and out of bed.

One call with my friend, one call with my mom, Home Depot, Target, IKEA, Central Market, cleaning car post-interstate move (finally!), bleaching-mopping-vaccuming-dusting house for guests arriving next week for Austin City Limits, installing said purchases from Home Depot and IKEA…and before I knew it, the clock read 5:18pm. Whew! One lady, one latte, 8 hours of work…JP took one look at my face and said, “I’m taking a break from homework and I’m taking you to dinner at Vivo.” Done and done.


You might remember that JP and did our first Austin date night at Vivo a few weeks ago. Their cucumber margarita was amazing. This time I tried the hibiscus margarita. It arrived with all of its fuscia goodness with a fresh orchid perched on the rim of the glass. I may have dismissed it as a garnish any other night, but tonight that small touch waved the magic wand of relaxation over the evening.


Macho Nachos

This time we stuck to food stuffs from the appetizer menu.  We shared the nachos and the chalupa.



Both were tasty, but we decided our favorites were still the drinks and chips!




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