Home and Working from Home

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Hello.  My name is Anna and I am a workaholic.  I carry two smartphones – personal and work – everywhere I go.  I leave my work blackberry on at night, sitting on the bedside table, in case a legal emergency occurs while I’m sleeping (because that might happen…you never know).  In my defense, I come by it naturally – my dad is a workaholic too.  When we were small children, my sister and I actually had to make appointments with him in order to see him some times.  I thought that working from home might solve some of this – I could take breaks, walk the dog, grab a snack, make myself put down “work stuff” and replace it with a little more “Anna stuff.”  Any guesses as to what actually happened?

I now work on the sofa with the dogs or with JP while he’s studying.  I work while I’m driving up to Costco or IKEA on a weekend.  I bring my laptop into bed and work a little bit longer before I fall asleep.  And occasionally I will work in the nifty new home-office I’ve created for myself.

The kicker was when I flew to San Diego for my little brother’s wedding to his girlfriend of twelve years and I answered a work call while walking into breakfast with my family the morning of the wedding.  My dad, the workaholic-extraordinaire,  actually asked me, “are you really going to answer that?”  I had flashes of the scene in Two Weeks Notice where Sandra Bullock’s character (also an attorney) takes a work call while she was standing up as a bridesmaid at her best friend’s wedding.  Yikes!  I am that attorney.  So I remembered to turn my phone (both phones) off during the wedding and the reception.

Coincidentally, my first performance review meeting was the Monday after the wedding.  I (surprise, surprise) got high marks in accountability and customer service.  At the end of the call, my boss asked me how it was going, this working from home venture – was I “finding enough to do remotely?”  I told him it was quite the opposite…  He laughed and told me I clearly have a problem, and to work on “turning off the work” at the end of the day.  Great guy – just one of the many reasons why I love working for him and with his team.

But less than an hour later, at 5:30pm, I was in the kitchen, sauteing onions in a cast iron pan while also chopping some sun-dried tomatoes for this new casserole I was trying, and half-watching the season premiere of CSI streaming on my laptop…and I heard the “you’ve got email” jingle from my work blackberry.  I checked it.  Had I sent edits for some corporate docs needed by 9am tomorrow?  If I hadn’t, here was the piece of information I had been waiting on and could I get that turned around ASAP.  CSI paused, I pulled up the docs in on my laptop, in the kitchen – stir, type, email, stir some more, chop and drop, type, email….

My name is Anna, and I am still a workaholic.


3 thoughts on “Home and Working from Home

  1. Ahh, it is nice to see you are able to admit it; some of us are still having issues grappling with the busyness of our lives. Hi, my name is Barbara and I am a busybody. 🙂

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