Juan in a Million

When JP and I lived in Liberia, we had no cable. And most of the time, we didn’t have the internet or reliable electricity. So when we moved back to the U.S., we played some serious “TV catch-up” via Netflix and burned through several seasons of Man vs. Food in less than a month! We loved that show, and one of our favorites was the Austin episode. So this weekend, we met some new friends down at the featured location – Juan in a Million.

This was actually our second attempt to have breakfast at the home of the legendary breakfast burritos. The first time, we drove by at around 11am on a Sunday (read: morning after a University of Texas football game) and there was a line around the block. So this time we came early – 8:30am – and lucky for us, it was also the first cold day of the year. No line!

The place doesn’t look like much, and the food doesn’t either. But remember the adage “don’t judge a book by its cover”? The same definitely goes for the food at Juan in a Million. I had the Huevos a la Mexicana and the flavor packed into this plate of brown, brown, and more brown was absolutely amazing – a nice amount of spice without lighting my mouth on fire, a great balance of salty and sweet, and the individual ingredients weren’t overpowered by the other flavors.


Huevos a la Mexicana

The best part for me was that it was relatively light – it didn’t feel like there was a lump of clay sitting in my stomach afterward. Which, for this lady who has some work at home (on the weekend) tendencies, meant that I could dive right into some legal research afterward without needing a food-coma nap 🙂



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