Gourdough’s Donuts

In college there was a popular food truck in North campus dubbed simply – Hot Truck. Something about food made in the back of a trailer triggered the “icky” response in my and, during my three years there, I never visited it once. In fact, this week I visited my very first food truck in my 32 years on this planet – Gourdough’s Doughnuts. JP surprised me with a spontaneous evening trip to one of Austin’s many food truck “parking lots” – and not even my usual “icky” response could say no to a warm-from-the-oven doughnut with fresh toppings.



Although tempted by the mapley bacon of the Porkey’s (like the true Midwestern boy that he is), JP opted for the Funky Monkeygrilled bananas with cream cheese icing and brown sugar. I couldn’t decide between the strawberries in the Dirty Berry, the chocolate-covered brownie bites (as if brownies could get any better!) in the Black Out, and the raspberry filling in the Razzle Dazzle.

Solution? Combine all three! One raspberry filled doughnut with fudge frosting, chocolate-covered brownie bites, and grilled strawberries coming right up!


Funky Monkey…and the Anna special!

In 2010, Gourdough’s made it onto TLC’s Best Food Ever top 10. In 2012, it has made it top the top of another amazing list – Anna’s very first (and best!) food truck experience 😉




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