Twenty-four Hours in Beautiful Boulder



At 4:45am (Ugh!), I walked down my darkened driveway and loaded myself into the shuttle van to start my 24-hour trip to Boulder, Colorado for my sister’s boyfriend’s 30th birthday. With the Denver International Airport (only a 45 minute drive from Boulder) being a hub for many airlines, it’s very feasible to find cheap flights and get whisked away for a weekend at the foot of the beautiful Flatiron Mountains.

  • Getting there – I have been traveling since I was a small child, but I still get confused trying to enter/exit the Denver airport (DIA) with its West and East terminals and many floors. Lucky for me (and any other confused traveler), there are little information helpers all over the entry/exit to the airport and they are all easily identifiable by their white cowboy hats and tan vests. For a whopping $13.00 each way (cash only with exact change!), the Regional Transit of Denver (RTD) bus runs between DIA and downtown Boulder every 25 minutes or so, with only a few stops along the way.
  • Eat! – With so many competitive chefs and mixologists now calling Boulder home, there is an endless supply of delicious eats – many using fresh and locally grown ingredients. I have a few of favorites, all located on and around Boulder’s infamous Pearl Street. The baristas at Ozo Coffee introduced me to the weight method of brewing coffee. It may be weight or it may be something else entirely, but they sure do brew a good cup! Centro Latin Kitchen is great for happy hour (amazing ceviche!) and, as I discovered on this recent trip, has a pretty great brunch menu. I am a huge fan of their masa cakes with goat cheese, avocado, and greens. Mission for my next visit – try out Jax. I’ve been hearing about the seafood there since my sister moved to Boulder over 2 years ago, and I am determined to see what all the hype is about…(to be continued :))
  • Get outside – Although Colorado is known for its winters, it was still 80 degrees when I was there this weekend AND had actually experienced it’s first winter snow earlier in October. That is what the weather is like in Boulder – snows in the morning, melted and sunny in the afternoon. With weather like that, it’s easy to be outside in Boulder year-round. Pearl Street offers a lot of unique shops, eateries, and street music. There are also plenty of trails, like the trail starting close to downtown at 1st Street and Arapahoe Avenue – it will take on an easy climb to an amazing overlook of the greater Boulder area.

I was quite literally in Colorado for only 24 hours, but managed to have a full vacation experience. That is just one of the beauties of Boulder.



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