It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s…a cockroach!


There is nothing like a loud shriek from a 35 year old man to make one jerk awake, jump out of bed, and run (blindly without her glasses) to the patio door in panic.  There I barely see JP, waving his arms in the air at the cockroach flying back and forth in front of the door.

Yes folks, my manly boyfriend…who lived “up country” in Liberia, West Africa, has come home to find highly poisonous black mambas on his porch, has found (and eaten) grubs and weevils in his dinner, and all manner of scorpions, rodents, and other nastinesses…is apparently afraid of a common Texas bug.  We actually had these in Liberia.  We would wake up in the morning and find their little carcases up-side-down on our kitchen counter and/or floor, having passed away from some unknown ailment during the night.  We didn’t use poison…why bother?  They seemed to keel over just fine on their own.  But “the cockroaches in Texas are just more aggressive,” he swears.

To give JP a little credit, Liberian roaches only came out at night, and would quickly disappear under the closest appliance when the lights were switched on.  These Texas roaches, however, do not retreat – almost as if to say “go ahead, turn on those lights, I dare you.”  Given that we keep a very clean kitchen and don’t see cockroaches around much, I don’t consider them to be much of a problem.

But, out of consideration for my partner in crime (and my ability to sleep), a very kind gentleman at our neighborhood Home Depot helped me locate a pet-friendly roach spray.  It has worked so far in the kitchen, but apparently has not prevented midnight exclamations from the patio…


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