The Little Things



I came home from a last-minute, rush hour trip to the grocery store and saw the “hello.” decal we’d put on our door the first month after we moved. And it made me pause and chuckle. That decal reminds me of my sister and how we used to act out the princess meets worm scene in Labyrinth. Big, big smile 🙂

That moment was a good reminder to pay attention to the little things. The smell of slowly cooking garlic, simmering in olive oil because I’ve taken the time to make home-made spaghetti squash.

Enjoying the first two Kansas Jayhawk men’s basketball games of the season. Getting to know our new players. Listening to the traditional end of game Rock – Chalk – Jay – Hawk chant.

Looking out my office window and watching my 9-year-old dog, recently diagnosed with a heart murmur and hypothyroidism, laying in the Texas sunshine without a care in the world.

The little things often make for the most spontaneous joy 🙂



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