Compost Peddlers


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Almost every other day someone is leaving a flyer of some sort on our door. Most of them go right into our recycle bin, but there was one little white flyer left on our door last week that caught my attention. I recognized their name because they had just won one of the Austin Chronicle’s Best of 2012 awards – The East Side Compost Peddlers.

This enterprising young organization gives you a compost bin (with instructions!), picks it up weekly on a bicycle, and delivers it on said bicycle to a local urban farm. Coincidentally, the urban farm they deliver to was also one of my favorite stops on this weekend’s Urban Farm Bicycle Tour (more about my weekend cycling adventure can be found on my friend, Kristen’s, blog –

We signed up for the one-month of free compost peddling and came home to our happy green compost bin (yay instructions!) sitting on our doorstep. I don’t have a garden to use the compost in, and the Springdale Farm supports several local restaurants (including the Hillside Farmacy).  I would not define myself as an earthy-crunchy type, but I will do what I can comfortably do to reduce the footprint I leave on the planet – and I am completely psyched that Austin offers bicycling compost pick-up.

I mean, honestly, how awesome is that??? 🙂



5 thoughts on “Compost Peddlers

    • It’s only $17.38 (including tax, etc) per month and they bring all the supplies, clean the bin, and give a great list of all the many things you can put in the bin. I highly recommend it if you’re in their service area!

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