Helping at Home

Saturday morning, my alarm went off at 6am. I dragged my groggy and yet somewhat surprised body out of bed, drove through not-quite-light downtown to the Palmer Events Center, and signed in for my early morning shift with the Coats for Kids distribution day…sponsored by the Junior League of Austin.


The quiet before the storm – The back room before we opened.

Yes, I am a Junior League of Austin member. I joined with the Junior League of Des Moines, in a last-ditch effort to meet people and make Des Moines my home. Des Moines may not have been home, but the Junior League of Austin definite is.

The League reputation is that it is a bunch of wealthy ladies who chit-chat over luncheon and teas. Well, if that’s the case, I don’t know what they put in that tea because this year Austin League gave away almost 35,000 coats to area children. It was an absolutely amazing sight to see, and a privilege to be a part of – “shopping” with kids and their parents for the new winter coat, selecting coats to go to area charitable groups and schools, and seeing the 300+ community volunteers who took time from their Saturday to help with the distribution.


Volunteer sign-in table

JP and I traveled all the way to West Africa to help people in need. We spent over 30 hours on airplanes each way.  We subjected our bodies to toxic anti-malarial medication.  We lived with mice, weevils, cockroaches…and the occasional scorpion or black mamba.  We often chuckle a bit at the irony – there are people in need right here at home.


Handing out coats to Austin kiddos

The two of us will still spend time doing what we can for fellow humankind overseas. But, through Junior League, I have found a way to work together with other motivated Austin women to do what we can for the people in our community.  Each year Austin League invests almost $800,000 back into Austin via almost 30 different area charities and projects.  Through giving back, I have learned how to be a better project leader, have met and bonded with other like-minded women, and am constantly discover more and more about my hew city.

6am Saturday alarm – well worth it.





One thought on “Helping at Home

  1. Love this, Anna. What a great project!!

    On another note, what insights into Pilates can you give me. There’s a Pilates instructor here who could work with me to get myself into shape. Sharon says it’s painful. What do you think?


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