A Look Back at 2012

Happy New Year!

2012 has been a year of big changes for me.  But this time last year, I had absolutely no idea what was in store and the many changes were all just aspirations on a “resolution” list.

I love resolution lists and do one every year.  I write down everything I want to accomplish during the calendar year and everything that I truly believe I can accomplish.  Then I put away the list and go on living – like a wise man once said, “Plant the seed and let it grow; don’t keep pulling it up to see if it’s growing.”

Here are some of the resolutions I’ve achieved this year:

  • I started this blog.  Thank you to all of my readers for putting this resolution on the accomplished list!
  • Last January, I started my new job with a team that I respect and have fun with.  And, even better, I was able to keep my fantastic job when I moved to Austin in August!
  • JP and I raised and shared four chickens with our good friends and neighbors, including building the coop from scratch!
  • We also entered the second year of our urban garden (shared with another set of neighbors) and learned some new recipes to match our new crops!
  • I spent a week in Johannesburg, South Africa with students, alumni, and professors from my amazing law school.
  • I (re-)learned how to sew and made a few items for our home, proving to myself I’m not (entirely) one-brained.
  • Josh treated me to an Italian cooking demo/class for my 32nd birthday this year.
  • I spent time with everyone in my immediate family, including a trip to San Diego to celebrate my wonderful brother’s wedding.
  • I took a photography class (more on that to come…)
  • And we moved from Des Moines, Iowa to Austin, Texas, where we immediately found a wonderful place to live, friends, good food, a variety of events, and so much more!

2013 now has some pretty big shoes to fill! 🙂




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