How do you define “Home”?

HomeJP and I did a lot of traveling over the holidays and spent several weeks as guests in many homes.  My family has always been a “build your own” kind of family – we made food, decorated, and quite literally “built” my childhood houses from scratch.  That approach worked sometimes, and didn’t quite work other times…

On our first morning with JP’s mother over the holidays, JP made me orange cinnamon rolls from one of those little pre-made tubes.  I have to admit I had actually never had those before…in my entire life.  But orange cinnamon rolls?  I wasn’t going to turn those down!  And they were perfect – no messing up the recipe; no forgetting of ingredients; and they made the whole house smell like “home.”  Same thing with the pumpkin spice Keurig coffee – perfect, right out of the machine.

JP’s mom’s house is like that in every way – I call it “insta-homey.”  She decorates with matching sets from large department stores, each room has a decorating theme, and the many candles and air-fresheners have a coordinated “bakery” smell.

My dear friend Elyse, whom I spent a few days with before the New Year, just moved into a brand new condo/townhome in a Ohio suburb.  She has lived all over the country and aspires to travel all over the world.  So each of her rooms looks like it walked out of World Market or Pier One – I call her style “the world traveler at home.”  And she’s always ready for guests – there are extra towels, shampoos, and lotions for every body type in her guest bathroom.

These and the other visits we made over the holidays made me ask – What does “home” really mean?  Is it something you make with your own two hands?  Is it wrapped up in a smell or a taste?  Is it the photos or artwork on the walls?  Or is it simply the people whose home it is?

Leave a comment and let me know what home means for you 🙂


2 thoughts on “How do you define “Home”?

  1. Home is inside, really. I never wind up being much of a decorator for holidays nor am I an avid photo album person. One thing I always want, however, is connection with the natural outside which means no other houses or man-made obstructions. I have that in our current home. Every season brings another kind of beauty. Somehow the beauty of the outdoors helps me be me and connect with the “home” inside.

    Good post, Anna.

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