The Surprise Fulfillment of a 2013 Resolution

20130108-170917.jpgI believe in goals, resolutions, prayers – whatever you want to call them. I believe in taking desires out of my head and onto paper, sending them out into the universe, and keeping the intention to have the opportunities and make the choices so that they are all fulfilled.

One of my resolutions for 2013 is to have visits from JP’s and my immediate family. Austin is an amazing place, with so much to offer, and we are so excited to share our new city with them. But we realized that it’s also important to us for our family to have a comfortable place to stay when they visit – i.e. not our well-used air mattress – so we unearthed our tape measure this weekend and tried to figure out how to make our office into an office/guest room.

Not more than an hour later, JP’s brother called and asked if he and his girlfriend could drive down from Missouri for a visit before she started graduate school in a week. And not more than 24 hours after that (and before we could finish a guest room) we had our first house-guests of 2013!

Here are the rest of my resolutions – may they continue this trend 🙂

  • Finish decorating our apartment, including (finally!) completing the duvet cover I’ve been working on for, um, about a year.
  • Take an alternative dance class, as encouragement to exercise more and actually have fun doing it!
  • Pay down my educational debt. I paid off one disbursement last year – will 2013 be the year of two disbursements???
  • Take another cooking class…I’m thinking sushi-making should be next on the list
  • Double my blog followers
  • Purchase Rosetta Stone Spanish
  • Visit my wonderful Grandmother at least once
  • Treat myself to a massage (I’ve been saying this for almost a year and still haven’t done it).
  • Go on at least a one-week international vacation, somewhere I can’t get cellular service



2 thoughts on “The Surprise Fulfillment of a 2013 Resolution

    • That’s a great idea! I was thinking Barcelona or Mexico – so coincidentally, the Spanish works either way.
      Best of luck with your own international adventure 🙂

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