Black Sheep Lodge – Best Burger in South Austin

20130110-125534.jpgLast night began the Kansas Jayhawks men’s basketball Big 12 Conference season – a game between the Big 12’s two Midwest teams. Iowa State vs. Kansas, which mean our architect friends back in Des Moines (where probably 99.9% of all architects went to Iowa State) while my Kansas grad (JP) and I banded together with other Jayhawk fans at the Black Sheep Lodge in South Austin.

Even though Austin is definitely Longhorn Country, Kansas alumni have staked a small claim on the Black Sheep for its Jayhawk watch parties. And for a very good reason – huge TVs and great burgers!

The Black Sheep has two large rooms and an expansive covered porch, with almost one flat-screen TV for every table. We grabbed a spot in front of the projector screen in the back room so we could watch all the game’s action (like when KU’s McLemore made that amazing 3 pointer with 1.3 seconds left to send the game into overtime!) with wall-to-wall clarity.

Our waitress was very knowledgeable and helped us navigate their many, nightly drink specials (oh, and she also happened to be from Iowa!). We started out on the food side with fried jalapenos dipped in ranch dressing – um, awesome! All the flavor of the pepper, with just a bit of kick for good measure. Then our group went for a round of burgers – JP ordered the signature Black Sheep Burger and I did a custom Black Buffalo Burger with a veggie patty instead of beef (pictured above) and sweet potato fries. They definitely earned their “best burger” title.

It was the perfect size to fill us up and was the right combination of bar food a health food (lots of greens on top!). Kansas takes on Texas Tech this weekend, and we’re all meeting up again for the game…at the Black Sheep Lodge.



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