Day One in Little Rock, AR

20130115-085824.jpgI love to travel. So when my boss needed someone to go to Little Rock this week, I volunteered. I’ve never been to Arkansas and Little Rock is only an 8 hour drive from Austin. Sounded like a great idea!

About 4.5 hours into my drive, the reality hit me – I didn’t know a single thing about Little Rock.

“What exactly am I going to do with myself in Little Rock for a week? What exactly is in Little Rock anyway…?”

Well guess what? There is a lot to do here – and Little Rock is an incredibly beautiful city to do it in. Who knew? (Certainly not me.)

I had the opportunity to had over to the Arkansas State Capitol yesterday, just in time for the start of the Arkansas General Assembly‘s legislative session. The capitol was filled with the families and friends of newly elected and re-elected legislators. The galleries (areas in each chamber where spectators can watch the proceedings from above) in both the House and Senate chambers were completely packed.

20130115-085817.jpgI watched the presentation by the color guard, the swearing-in of the new legislators, and the speech by the incoming President of the Senate. Then I wandered around the marble-covered hallways, looking at the photo arrays of all of the previous legislative bodies. I barely recognized this brown-haired fellow:


William Jefferson Clinton

Later in the evening, I passed by the capitol building one more time. It was beautifully back-lit by the pinks and yellows of the setting sun. I stood there a little longer, reflecting on the statutes of the Little Rock Nine standing outside the capitol building, and feeling incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to see this little piece of our national history.



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