Little Rock’s Big Dam Bridge


With meeting scheduled back-to-back all week, I was extremely excited to have a break today so I could visit the Big Dam Bridge.


The Big Dam Bridge is the longest pedestrian/bicycle bridge in North America. It crosses the Arkansas River and is part of a larger cycling/jobbing/walking path system. For me, the bridge was a perfect break from a hectic week.

20130117-195814.jpgThe locks allow water transportation, like this huge barge, pass through the dam.

20130117-195826.jpgThe views from the bridge are amazing.  Combined with the calming silence, the views made me forget that there is a busy metropolis right over the hills.

20130117-195835.jpgAnother visitor to the Dam commented that the water was looking rather brown from all of the recent snow, ice, and sleet Central Arkansas has had recently.  I can only imagine how beautiful the area around the Dam will be when the blue returns to the water and the green to the trees.

20130117-195856.jpgI noticed the flags at the center of the dam and originally thought they might be state flags.  But when I came closer, the flags appear to represent cities that are connected by the river or the bridge.  I love the focus on the inter-connectedness of the river and the bridge – so perfect!

20130117-195921.jpgI never would have considered living in Arkansas before coming to Little Rock this week, but standing on that bridge I found myself thinking that I might just be willing to live in Little Rock…especially if I could live in one of the houses on the hill overlooking the Dam 😉



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