The January Cure – Part I

Every year I read Apartment Therapy’s January Cure and every year I wish for a home that is worthy of “the Cure.” This year, I have that home – a place that is worth the time to make it more home-y.

With my travel and work schedule, a daily cure isn’t quite possible, so here are the first 10 days of my weekend cure:

Make a List of Projects – Wandering around our house looking for those things I wanted to improve produced a surprising result: It made me realize just how much I love our home. So my “cure” list is made up of detailed projects: hem the curtains, straighten the books on the bookshelves, tidy up the various power cord jumbles. The only major project I ended up with is turning our office into a guest room/office.

Set Up Your Outbox – JP and I are habitual cleaner-outers and donators. At least once a year, and every time we move, we purge our excesses and take several boxes to the local Goodwill or Salvation Army. Having moved to Austin less than 6 months ago, finding an item to start our “outbox” was a bit of a challenge. Until I remembered that we already had one – two tubs of items that we needed to return to our storage unit. That’s the brilliance of the outbox – it’s for anything that needs to be moved out.

20130127-164848.jpgWeekend Chores – Flowers, Floors, Green Cleaners, & Outbox – It’s the end of the month and the idea of spending the last of our monthly budget on flowers initially bothered me. I scoured the Central Market flower department for the cheapest bunch I could find, and by happenstance the cheapest bunch ended up being the prettiest – A small bunch of simple green flowers that somehow made the whole room feel happier and greener and more connected to the life outside. It was the best $4 I spent all month!

20130127-164857.jpgGet a Fresh Perspective in Just 10 Minutes – In our tiny home, there isn’t really a spot I haven’t been in. But sitting somewhere and actually being there are two entirely different experiences. So I sat in one of our side chairs in the living room and wow, what a perspective…I could now clearly see the tangled cords and empty Wii box underneath our TV stand. Yep, add that to the January Cure list.

20130127-164841.jpgSelect One Project From Your List to Complete This Month – I love books. The smell of the print. The feel of turning the pages. My favorite spot on my college campus was in the oldest of their libraries, hidden between the stacks. That being said, the bookshelves in our house have turned into book piles…or rather, piles of junk where the books should be.

20130127-164827.jpgChoose a Piece of Artwork & Get Going on Framing It – For Christmas this year, JP gave me a wall map. I have always wanted one – a large map that I could use to track all of the places I’ve been, and all of the ones I still want to visit. It is too large to buy a frame for, and will have to be custom-framed. I can’t wait until it’s finished and up on our wall!

Get Your Get-Together Together – Date, Guests, Invites – JP doesn’t know it yet, but he’s going to have a birthday party next month. Austin weather has been in the low 70s and his birthday coincides with our 6 month anniversary of moving here. A perfect time to throw our first party in Austin!

Weekend Chores – Flowers, Kitchen Cleaning, & Make Yourself a Meal – When I read this task, my first thought was “why clean right before you cook and mess it all up again”? As the daughter of a self-proclaimed efficiency expert, this made complete logical sense. But not everything is logical, and making myself a little brunch in a clean, white kitchen was simply delightful.

20130127-164911.jpg20130127-164932.jpg20130127-164834.jpgCreate a Landing Strip – This one is going to have to remain on the “to-do” list a little longer, as it will be the subject of some negotiation. I prefer “landing closets” to landing strips, so that everything can be hidden away and out of the main living space. JP, on the other hand, lands pretty much everywhere – jacket on this chair, backpack on another chair, school books on the coffee table, and phone/keys somewhere he’ll instantly forget about and will require calling the phone to find it. Narrowing it all down to one place…? Well, that’s going to be a feat.

Work on Your Goal Project – Ta da! The bookshelves are now bookshelves once more! The cupboard doors will now close. The piles of who-knows-what have all been identified and their items have found a proper home. And after I was finished putting everything away, I did a bonus living room cleaning to top off the project.

20130127-164820.jpgSo far, the January Cure has been a worthwhile effort!


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