Thunderbird Coffee

20130130-221129.jpg2 hours – The cumulative amount of time I have seen JP in the previous two weeks. Between my trip to Arkansas and his first week of class/new TA job/national design competition, we have been ships in the night, with no compass, in the Bermuda Triangle…you see where I’m going with this.

So tonight we took ourselves on a mini-date and walked down to Thunderbird Coffee to pick up a little caffeinated beverage before more study-time.

Thunderbird is that comfy, quiet place to study or work…without all of the young undergraduate students. The space is decorated with an eclectic combination of metal Navy chairs, vintage upholstery, and wood tables to match the rustic wood flooring. Tonight, this Austin local was full of the usual crowd – groups chatting over a beer on the tables outside, artists drawing along to the sounds from their ear buds, professionals in suit-sans-jacket clicking away at their laptops.

20130130-221136.jpgUsually, I go for Thunderbird’s honey nut latte (fair trade!), but tonight’s chai is a close competitor. JP ordered his ritual red-eye for the road. I also highly recommend their vegan peanut butter cup or their turtle cheesecake – nothing goes with coffee quite like desert!

Warm coffees in hand made for a nice walk home in the cool, Texas evening.


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