Jester King Brewery

Let me preface this by saying – I am not a beer drinker. Never have been. Don’t like the taste. But even I had a great time touring the Jester King Brewery this weekend

20130211-104853.jpgJP and I joined our friends Shelby and Mike, also relatively new transplants to Austin, for a trip to the brewery. The weather was less Austin, more Seattle, which made me a bit worried about wandering around with glasses of cold beer for an afternoon. But fear not! Jester King serves warm, brick-oven pizza!

20130211-104900.jpgWe divided and conquered – Three of us got in the pizza line, while Shelby ran up to buy the tour passes. For the total of $10, you get a Jester King tasting glass, a tour of the brewery, and all of their samples of the day (many with organic ingredients!). Each day Jester King offers a different sample list, but if you’d like to try something not on the list, they have been (and cider!) for purchase at the pizza shop.

The down side to ordering pizza first on a Saturday – the pizza takes 45 minutes and we all miss the 2:30 tour (they offer tours at 1:30, 2:30, and 3:30). The up side to ordering pizza first on a Saturday – we ended up spending much more time wandering around the grounds (bathrooms in an Airstream?) and trying out some items on the beer list.

20130211-104907.jpgYes, so back to the whole “Anna doesn’t like beer” issue – it turned out to be a non-issue. In addition to offering cider for sale in the pizza shop, they also sold Kombucha in the main tasting room. And several of their beers tasted more like a champagne. I ended up getting to taste more than I had originally expected.

20130211-104914.jpgDespite the rain and the cold, it ended up being a very fun afternoon and I highly recommend making the trip. Always remember to bring along a designated driver! 🙂


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