ACL Live – The Night Out That Almost Wasn’t

I think I’m in love. In love with a music venue called The Moody Theater, home to ACL Live.

Monday night, JP, Kristin, and I headed over to the Moody for a performance by The XX. The XX is the kind of band whose music I can just close my eyes and get lost in. And the Moody’s design was perfect for that – state of the art acoustics and a vertical (as opposed to horizontal) design meant that you can see and hear perfectly from the floor all the way up to the back row of the balcony.

The XXWhen the three-member band walked out on stage and started to play, I thought I was in heaven. BUT then the bumping started…

Bump. Bump. Bump. The guy next to us was clearly intoxicated and was dance-swaying with his wife around in circles, bumping into all three of us each time. There is unspoken concert code that, if you start to dance and feel yourself leaning or bumping into the people beside you, you then dance smaller or make sure you’re following the rhythm of the crowd. Not so with Mr. Dance n’ Sway.

20130212-220825.jpgIt didn’t matter what anyone (including the people behind us) said to him or did, or even where we moved to get out of us path, he wouldn’t stop. I felt a bit like Dustin Hoffman’s Master Shifu character in Kung Fu Panda – “Inner peace…inner peace..inner” BUMP.

20130212-220832.jpgSo in my head, I came up with rules. Because of course, all problems are solved with a carefully and thoughtfully formed set of rules.

Rule Number 1 – Dance with the crowd. Not only will it save you from an evil eye or an elbow in the ribs, dancing with the crowd is it the most amazing feeling…to be moving to the same rhythm as a hundred other people around as one cohesive flowing body.

Rule Number 2 – Smoke outside. There are some people who actually go to concerts to hear music, not to get high. There are also some people, this blogger included, who find the smell of pot smoke to be less preferable than a roadkill skunk. So light up before you come in.

Rule Number 3 – Use your concert voice. Although many concert venues have bars, they are not bars. So please catch up with your friends, laugh, shriek, tell the latest gossip in a corner of the room away from where the, um, concert goers are trying to enjoy the concert music.

Rule Number 4 – There is no rule number 4…because just when I got to that rule, I realized I was letting Mr. Dance n’ Sway not only distract me from the music but make me turn into the concert-nazi all in one fouls swoop…or sway, as the case may be (pun intended).

So I turned my attention back to the amazing performers on stage, and was swept away by the acoustics of the Moody and the sound of The XX. Enjoy.


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