Just call me Martha

This weekend I pulled out my sewing machine and my tool box, and went to work implementing “phase two” of our bedroom upgrade. No, this isn’t a DIY blog, but it is a blog about having it all…and, for me, that includes getting out of my head and back into my body. Using my hands. Creating things from scratch. Remembering that childhood feeling of “I did it!” that seems to get packed away in adulthood.

And this weekend’s projects were pretty big “I did its” for me….

I started with our bedroom because, let’s be honest, it’s where we spend most of our time. And if you don’t have a good night’s rest…well…we all know what that looks like and it isn’t pretty. JP and I have some more furniture pieces we’d like to buy, but it’s not in our budget for March 2013.

Here is what our bedroom looked like when we first moved in:

20120910-181503.jpgI have been eyeing this duvet cover set from Anthropologie for a long time. So long now they don’t even make it anymore (good thing for my wallet!). With a little help from a few uber-crafty bloggers (Mari Makes and Neroli Blossoms), I made it myself from an extra set of sheets.

20130304-103247.jpg20130304-103256.jpgI even had extra fabric to cover the box spring until we have the funds to buy the base of our bed frame. Yay me!

20130304-103321.jpgThrow in few window coverings from IKEA and a $6 storage hook, and the bedroom now feels like a place we want to spend 8-10 hours in each night.


20130304-103314.jpgAnd the two throw pillows – I made those too 😉



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