The Splurge

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So remember how I talked about the importance of budgeting last week? Well, I took my own advice this week…the very small piece of advice to occasionally splurge.

If you haven’t guessed already from the whole attorney thing, I’m a bit of a type-A, “loves to think I’m in control” kind of person. This weekend, my life was definitely not within my control and my budget…well, that was just one more thing that was driven by forces outside of me, namely our fixed income.

So JP and I decided to break out the credit card (literally, from the locked box where we hide it…from ourselves) and go on an IKEA run. We drove all the way out to Round Rock with every intention of buying one of the larger items on our list – a new sofa, patio furniture, or maybe even that bed frame we’d been drooling over for some time. But after making the drive and battling the IKEA crowds, we ended up with three picture frames and a potted plant.

One small stop to Target, and our “splurge” came to a grand total of around $40.00. Last of the big time spenders, eh?

But the trip did what we needed it to do – it released some tension, made us feel like we were back in control of some part of our lives, and (with some swapping of other items from around the house) gave us a happy “new” bathroom đŸ™‚






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