Out for the Count

Image found on femaleimagination.wordpress.com

Image found on femaleimagination.wordpress.com

You might have notice my lack of substantive posts last week – I came back from a long weekend in Puget Sound with a cold!  Yes, a cold.  Coincidentally, JP had also developed a cold while I was away, so the two of us were a pair of sickies all of last week, with well-deserved colds.

Yep, you read that correctly – we deserved a cold.  We both were pushing entirely too hard – school, work, TA-ing, dance classes, home projects, Junior League, SXSW, trips through two time zones, airport food, and last, but certainly not lease, Daylight Savings Time.  Both of our bodies finally put on the breaks and said, “If you won’t slow down, I’m going to make you rest.”  And rest we did…

I took a few hours of time off.  JP even missed a few classes.  We spent every evening on our sofa watching the NCAA men’s basketball tournament stream over JP’s laptop.  We didn’t do a single non-urgent project.  I cancelled everything cancel-able.  And we got some rest. 

That’s the beautiful thing about the human body – it knows it’s limits even when you don’t know your limits.  It has it’s own way of challenging the glorification of busy-ness that seems to have grabbed hold of so many of us.

I hate being sick and JP hates being sick anymore.  I mean honestly, it doesn’t feel good at all.  Which makes it the perfect punishment and rehabilitative measure – you stop pushing so hard to avoid ever having to be sick again! 🙂

And now back to our regularly scheduled blogging…


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