Close: A Matter of Relativity


Working on a weekend, while keeping up with March Madness!

I love, love, love college basketball. March Madness is one of my absolute favorite times of each year, and it became even better when I started dating JP…who also love, love, loves college basketball. So, when we discovered that his Kansas Jayhawks made it to the Sweet Sixteen AND the game was going to be at Cowboys Stadium up in Dallas, we instantly bought tickets!

No problem – we figured Kansas would play the second game of the night, so we could leave Austin after Josh finished school at 2 and be up there with plenty of time to spare before a 9pm game. Wrong.

Kansas got scheduled for the 6:30pm game. And then one of Josh’s professors moved a big project to the Friday afternoon class, which kept him on campus until almost 3pm. As of Friday morning, we weren’t planning on going anymore – our tickets were good for the Elite Eight game on Sunday as well, so we’d just hope Kansas would win and go up on Sunday instead. I have to laugh that we even considered missing the game – what kind of fans would we be?!?!

20130331-193902.jpgDespite the rush, we actually made it from downtown Austin to Dallas (Arlington) in three and a half hours. We only missed the first few minutes of the game, and were there when a last second shot pushed the game into overtime…and when (sniff, sniff) Kansas ultimately lost to Michigan.

20130331-193853.jpgBut the great thing about the trip is that it proved to us that, yes, we really can just decide to go to Dallas…or Houston or San Antonio for an evening. A three or four-hour drive is a drive, but it’s completely doable for a fun evening or, even better, an entire day trip. Sure, if we had more time (and a bit more money), it would be nice to stay longer after a long drive –

But we are definitely going to start planning a few more “lets explore Texas” day trips based on our successful evening in Dallas 🙂


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