Saturday in Austin: Sway and Roller Derby

The sky opened up Saturday afternoon and the Austin sunshine that had hidden itself for a few days returned. It was a perfect afternoon to enjoy some Thai food on the patio of Sway.

20130403-213321.jpgSway advertises itself as modern Thai served tasting or small plate style. The amazing thing about Sway is that each one of our large, seven-lady group (including two self-proclaimed picky eaters and one pregnant mama-to-be) found at least one thing on their menu that they were excited to try. The catch was that we all ordered something different for ourselves. No small plate style for us, but honestly, each dish was a perfect meal all by itself. I had the Nashi Pear Chicken (with Brussel sprouts – my fav!) and the Po-Pea Jay (spring rolls). Fantastic size, fantastic flavor combination!

20130403-213329.jpgAnd the Thai iced tea…out of this world 🙂

Electric tape on a concrete floor, and a few rows of folding chairs creating a small “rink” in the center of a large hall. That was my previous experience with roller derby. Worlds apart from what I saw when I walked into the Austin Convention Center to watch the Texas Rollergirls on Saturday night.

20130403-213345.jpgThe stands were completely full. So full, in fact, that our large group stood around the track for a while waiting for someone to abandon their seats long enough for us to swoop in. The crowd was just about a diverse as the city of Austin – everything from rockabilly to rocker to rocking a baby…and people like us, who saw Whip It and wanted to see first hand what Texas roller derby was all about.

20130403-213337.jpgThe first bout (“game” in the world of basketball/baseball/football followers) started at 6pm, but when we walked in only 15 minutes late, the score was already 144 to 13. Clearly the leading team took their sport seriously. Even though none of the people in our group had a firm grasp on all of the rules (something I would not recommend in the future), we could all tell that the leading team employed strategy and lots of teamwork in order to ultimately beat the other team by well over 100 points.

Next time, I will make sure to know the rules before I go…but that’s because there will be a next time at both Sway and the Rollergirls.






2 thoughts on “Saturday in Austin: Sway and Roller Derby

  1. Thanks for your nice write-up of the texas rollergirls! Yes, understanding the rules makes it more interesting for sure. I encourage you to come out again! The bout after that one was a nail-biter til the end… literally it wasn’t won until the last minute. which made for a very exciting night. Also we have some derby 101 up on our site – take a look:

    again, thanks for coming out and thanks for the write-up! We’d love to see you again.

    Love ya ’til it hurts!
    Aimee Blase (aka Sinnerfold)

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