Flexi-twirli-aeri-acro Champions

This Saturday I spent almost 12 hours volunteering backstage at the completely sold-out Capital of Texas Pole Championships.  It was a-ma-zing!

Judges flew in from as far away at the United Kingdom and Australia to be part of this first annual event and studios all over Texas (including my studio, Brass Ovaries) were represented by both men and women competing in each of the four categories – Amateur, Doubles, Savant (age 40 and over), and Professional.  From my little perch, ushering performers and competitors on and off stage, I had the change to see each and every performance – it was like gymnastics meets circus meets dance meets musical theater.

Here is just a tidbit of the range of styles…

Bendy Kate – performer and judge from the United Kingdom.

Team Et Cetera – First Runner Up in the Doubles division (and one of my favorite instructors is the “black” half of this talented duo)

Feminine – Winner of the Amateur Division

I can’t wait to see what flexi-twirli-aeri-acro people next year brings when they expand from Pole to Mixed Aerials!  🙂


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