The Mantel Project


The Before

We need a new sofa.  And by need I mean two adults can only fit on our studio-sized sofa (read: glorified loveseat) sitting straight up with feet on the floor like some 19th century child’s punishment.  A new sofa, however, is not quite in the budget for the month of April and I didn’t think our living room mantel project was in the April budget either.

I was just going to add mantel decor to the long “when we have spare cash” list, but then I came across this link on Pinterest – Spray Bottles DIY Project. Spray painting glass bottles, eh? This blogger was onto something…

20130410-113615.jpgOver the years, my parents have sent us several vases full of flowers. The flowers are long gone, but we still have a growing collection of glass vases. And JP and I know our way around a can of spray paint. Heck, we refinished an entire Steelcase desk with spray paint and I still use that desk to this day. So this weekend, armed with two cans of white spray paint (primer and gloss), we transformed one vase and two candlesticks (from the bottom of the sale rack at Target) into mantel-worthy home decor.


The After

We may not have a new sofa, but now we have something pretty to look at when confined to our existing sofa seating 🙂


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