Salt Lick – Take II

JP’s dad flew into town for the weekend from Missouri. So naturally we took this Kansas City BBQ fan out to get his first taste of Texas BBQ, and Salt Lick left him talking about it until he boarded his flight home…and it wasn’t just the “Wizard Academy” we passed along our way that had him chatting.


Yes, this is real…

This time we went for a Saturday lunch, which I highly recommend. The wait was under 20 minutes and our waitress wasn’t too busy to offer us some of the “off the menu” extra options, like combination berry-peach cobbler. Definite score there!


Berry-peach Cobbler


Turkey sandwich – Salt Lick style

After our meal, we wandered over to the Salt Lick Cellars, which we hadn’t had the time for on our last trip (after our over-an-hour wait). Their little gift shop/wine tasting room was completely adorable! And the outdoor space, with its lookalike Navy Chairs and outdoor string lights (Edison bulb style), looked like it would be the perfect location for an outdoor wedding reception or special event.


Salt Lick Cellars


Salt Lick Cellars side-patio

In a few months, after the food coma finally goes away, JP and I will be ready to take our next round of guests to this BBQ favorite.


JP and his dad


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