Austin’s 360 Bridge

One of the added benefits to having out-of-town guests is the extra excuse to check off items on the old Austin Bucket List. With a surprise extra hour before JP’s dad had to catch his flight home, we decided to take a quick trip to the 360 Bridge (officially, the Pennybacker Bridge).


360 Bridge

I had seen beautiful photos of the bridge and the view of the Austin skyline before we moved down here, so this visit was at the top of my bucket list. Finding it, however, proved to be a challenge – no directions. There were clear directions to the boat launch, but none to the overlook. When we finally found it, the lack of directions was clear – the overlook was, er, unofficial.

The parking area and the path leading up to the lookout point were clearly carved out by the many people who had wound their way up to the cliff. The attorney in me, seeing the nice big drop to the highway below (sans guard rails), understood instantly why the government hadn’t invested in making the 360 Bridge overlook official.


I come from a long line of photograph eye-closers – it’s apparently genetic 😉

In case you want to find it, head South on highway 360. Immediately before you get to the bridge, the impromptu parking area will be on your right (West of the highway, North of the bridge). If you’re coming from the South, heading North on 360, there will be a stoplight immediately after you cross the 360 Bridge. Hang a u-turn there and the parking will now be on your right.


JP, on top of the world

All of the iMap-ing and the blog-searching and the hiking up to the overlook in flip-flops was absolutely worth it once we all looked out over the river and the bridge to the beautiful skyline of Austin, Texas.


Austin skyline


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