Blues on the Green, and more!

The last time I was at Zilker Park, I was wedged into a crowd of around 70,000 people signing along to the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the final night of ACL Fest 2012. I could barely breathe. This time, the music was good but the environment was even better –

Sitting on a towel with friends, enjoying a cold beverage, listening to the Wheeler Brothers, and enjoying the setting Austin sun… Ahhhhh. Blues on the Green. I am officially a fan.


Blues on the Green is rumored to attract around 25,000 people every other Wednesday night. Looking out over the crowd of fellow Austin-ites spread out on blankets and towels all over the hill, I could believe that number. But really, crowd is the wrong word to use – It didn’t feel crowded. Old, young, kids, dogs, people of all walks of life enjoying quiet conversation, lying down listening to the music, laughing at how small Austin really is and just how many friends they were running into that night.

We left a little early to avoid the mass exit (excellent idea!). The original plan was to head over to enjoy the free hours at Barton Springs Pool, but the sign said the pool was closed due to a lightning potential…and I wasn’t going to argue with that reasoning. So instead, we followed our growling stomachs to a food trailer park nearby. They were playing Short Circuit on a small movie screen inside. So many good memories of that movie! Alas, the food was not as inspiring that night…


Instead we finished out the night with burgers, fries, and lemonade from P. Terry’s. They leave the potato skin on their fries – my favorite! Wednesday nights will never be the same again 🙂


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