“Wait, is this place all the way out in Dripping Springs?” I asked my friend. “Yep, right off of 290,” she texted back. Yikes!  Then I read the description – owned by a former attorney and CPA who hung up his suit and pursued his passion for pizza.  That guy was instantly my hero, and I just had to make the drive for a Pieous pizza pie.

20130623-194858.jpgI didn’t know what I expected.  But the one thing I didn’t expect was the former-attorney-gone-pizza-slinger to actually be slinging pizzas on a Sunday morning.  And yet there he was, serving food, coming up to each table to make sure everything tasted OK, working back in the kitchen…  I suppose if you’re living your passion, why would you want to let someone else actually do the living?  Or in this case, the cooking.

20130623-194944.jpgAnd it looked like a fun place to work.  All of the walls were painted with chalkboard paint and covered with happy quotes and pizza art.  There was even an entire corner dedicated to Pieous’s youngest patrons – a children’s art corner where the kiddies could occupy themselves by drawing literally on the walls.

20130623-194935.jpgThe pizzas were perfectly sized for one person.  I ordered the Shroom pizza and instantly fell in love.  Whatever mushrooms this guy chose were an excellent choice – full of flavor but not over-powering the fresh mozz or the crushed tomatoes.  And the brick oven crust…phenomenal.

20130623-194927.jpgLucky for me, my friends are the sharing kind and I swapped one of my Shrooms for one of my friend’s Brussels sprout and jam slices.  Yes, you read that right – Brussels sprouts and jam.  Such a surprisingly perfect combination of sweet and bitter!


20130623-194919.jpgWe all agreed that we are coming back and, because the owner was there, we told him so as well 🙂


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