Quality Seafood

When I was in middle school in rural Iowa, my hairdresser made her first trip out of the state to go to Hawaii on her honeymoon for a week.  She told me all about how they went out for this fancy seafood dinner, but somehow the seafood didn’t really taste all that great to them.  But they took the leftovers home anyway and decided to try them a day later and, much to their surprise, they loved the leftovers!  Only after they got back to Iowa did they realize that the reason they didn’t like the meal was because they had never actually had fresh seafood before. When a friend suggested having dinner at a place called “Quality Seafood,” my hairdresser’s story jumped right into my mind.



The place was packed and the line to order food went all the way into the fish market side of the space.  After standing in line, I finally reached the menu and the reason for the line became apparent – there wasn’t any kind of seafood that wasn’t on the menu!


Fried clams, fried okra, and mac & cheese

Between the 3 of us, we ended up ordering fish, lobster, clams, and two kinds of oysters.


Nightly special – black drum

Even the sides were amazing.  The mac & cheese was anything but the cliche orange cheese and shells.  It was a tasty mix of spaghetti noodles and several kinds of cheese.  And the fried okra really hit the spot.



We had a nice chuckle at the presentation of the lobster – it looked like it was hoarding the melted butter 🙂


Grilled oysters

But the absolute best dish of the night was the grilled oysters with fresh grated parmesan cheese.  Scoop it out and eat it on top of a slice of french bread and voila!  Seafood heaven.


2 thoughts on “Quality Seafood

    • They have great sides, so if you’re not feeling like seafood, I highly recommend their mac & cheese and their fried okra. And their berry pie is quite delish as well!
      Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

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