And we’re back!

I have been on a blogging hiatus for, well, several months.  I can’t apologize for it – it was needed.  You know that saying “and the hits keep coming“?  Well, in baseball, it’s a good thing – In life, not so much.

You name it – medical, financial, professional, personal…  In the past few months, I’ve taken hits in pretty much all of those areas.  Multiple, repeating hits.  I found myself on oh-so-many occasions asking JP “when is it going to stop???

The good news is, the rapid-fire karma/challenges/lessons coming at me has finally…slowed…down.  Not stopped, but slowed.  And I’ll take it with a smile, and a very large glass of wine 🙂

This is that time of year when I’m usually writing my New Year’s resolutions.  But, if these past few months have shown me anything, it’s that I am so very not in control.  Sometimes (ok, maybe a lot of the time), life just happens, and rigid, deadline-d resolutions go right out the window…where they might sometimes land in a puddle and be run over repeatedly.

So no resolutions this year.   Instead, I’m setting a New Year’s Theme for myself – the values, ways of being, qualities, I want to embody, encourage, look for this year.  My theme for 2014 is:

Foundation (re)buildingGetting back to basics, back to what really matters, back to me.  It’s not about grand adventures, but rather really enjoying what I have, fostering and being grateful for those wonderful things/people/places that are already in my life.  On New Year’s Eve, I sat down and made a list of everything I love about myself and my life.  The list ended up being pretty long…so 2014 is already looking pretty good 🙂


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