Looking on the Bright Side

One of my “sub-themes” for 2014 is to be in the moment and look for the positive in whatever and wherever I am Now.  It’s only February, and my “glass half full” resolve is being tested…

I have moved at-most every 2 years since I graduated from high school.  Sometimes those moves are just to a new apartment, but many times those moves are across state lines.  A few weeks ago, when faced with an ending lease, JP’s graduation from his Masters program, and professor applications that average a 6-month turnaround time, JP and I made the very practical decision to move from Austin to Kansas City.  Even with the moving costs, our rent went down significantly.  Our other costs of living went down.  We’re closer to family, which means travel costs went down.  And JP has connections for temporary work here.

Never has a move been this difficult.  We struggled with every decision, item to pack, service to schedule.  We set out on Friday morning (JP driving the moving truck and me driving the car) truly believing that our decision was the absolute best one – it was, after all, the most practical.  We stopped for gas outside of Oklahoma City, took one look at each other, and realized we’d made the wrong decision.

It was even more clear when we finally made it to Kansas City.  The city itself still made and makes perfect sense.  Our apartment is cute.  We’re saving money.  I have a new job that is a definite improvement on the old one (details to come!).  And already we’ve had a visit from my mom and stepdad, and JP’s mom and stepdad are set to come up for a dinner visit on Friday.  There is nothing objectively wrong with Kansas City at all.  But we still sat in our empty apartment for over an hour trying to decide whether to break our lease and go find something more “us.”

I often tell people that the attorney profession exists because there are an infinite number of ways to look at one “fact.”  I mean, that’s the difference between “glass half full” and “glass half empty,” right?  It’s all about who is looking at the glass in the first place.  When we made our decision to move here, we completely neglected to factor in who was going to be doing the move – US.  And Kansas City just isn’t the right fit for me and JP.

Ultimately, we decided to honor our lease and the job I had already accepted.  We moved our things into our apartment and more things into a storage unit down the street.  We changed our address and made our first Costco run in our new city.  And then we decided to look on the bright side – we will save the money we’ll need to move to a place that really is a better fit.  We’ll make the most of our close proximity to family.  And we’ll know next time to take ourselves into consideration, not just objective items on the list of practicality. 


2 thoughts on “Looking on the Bright Side

  1. Anna, the glass is always full. Liquid and water displace air. I’m not deep enough to know what that means; I’m just being Spock. I’m sorry that Kansas City is not right for you two. I would love it. What’s not to like? BBQ, the Royals, the Chiefs, the Truman Library in Independence . . . I can only hope that you enjoy your stay. Or, you could take my place lobbying this horrible group of people and I could pig myself out at a BBQ place while watching my two favorite sports.

    Hey, you like the Jayhawks, right? Or is it that other Kansas college team?

    Love your writing. Keep it up. 🙂

    Stephanie and I miss you.


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