A Little Piece of “Home”

“Do you want to do something tonight?  Y’know, since it’s Valentine’s Day…?”  I honestly didn’t know how to answer JP’s question.  On the one hand, my entire body felt like it didn’t have anything else to give, and I wasn’t quite sure I would even make it through my long commute home.

It had been a long week.  Long two weeks really, since we moved to Kansas City.  We had moved across several states.  I had started a new, demanding job almost 25 miles outside of the City, and my early mornings had gotten much, much earlier.  It was cold, and wet, and more cold all of the time.  So yeah, on the one hand I wanted to curl up under a down comforter and not come out again for our next 6 months here.

On the other hand, a little piece of me wanted to give Kansas City a chance.  Or rather, I wanted to give JP and I a chance at actually enjoying our time here.  I didn’t want our not-so-well-felt-out decision to keep us in a perpetual funk for 6 months

“How about dinner and a movie?” JP continued. “It’s not going to be like the Alamo Drafthouse, but I’m sure there are good movie theaters in a city of this size.”

For those of you who haven’t experienced the amazingness that is the Alamo Drafthouse, the short version is that it is a dinner/movie theater from Austin.  But it’s not just that.  It’s fun and funky, with a menu that generally follows the theme of whatever movies are playing at that time.  Like the Vesper drink that popped up on the drink menu right after the most recent James Bond came out.  Or the hulk burger that was oozing with avocado and hatch green chili peppers.  The Alamo Drafthouse is a movie-watching experience.

I googled “best movie theaters Kansas City” and much to my surprise…and complete and total joy…(drum-roll please) the Alamo Drafthouse Mainstreet.  By some miracle, Kansas City is one of the few cities outside of Texas that has been blessed with an Alamo.  So we bundled up our freezing selves and headed downtown that night to watch the new Robocop 2014, and felt for at least a few hours like we were back “home” in Austin.

Ok, so the menu wasn’t quite as “weird” as the one in Austin.  And the long tables had been replaced with tables for two.  But as soon as the Alamo-exclusive previews started to play – showing clips of the old Robocop movies, Robocop music videos, Robocop at the Oscar’s with PeeWee Herman, and so many more quirky original clips – we were able to put away the stress of the past two weeks and just enjoy.

Austin wasn’t perfect, but it was home for almost two years.  Not only is the Alamo Drafthouse a super fun place to watch a movie, for us it’s now a place for a pick-me-up reminder that there are pieces of our Austin home in more places than just Texas.


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