365 Days of Grateful

This weekend I had a small meltdown – an “I need a new car because my current car had to go into the shop for the 8th consecutive month and I’ve had enough” meltdown.  So I dragged JP to a car dealer, made him sit through a test drive of a car I knew we’d love, and then listen to the salesman’s offer that we both knew we couldn’t afford…yet.  And then we went home empty-handed, in my old car.  If cars had thoughts, mine would definitely have been thinking “um, you drove me through moves to four different states – how could you not expect me to show some wear and tear?”

But regardless of the logic from JP and my car’s imaginary voice, I had latched onto this idea that having something new would make me happy.  Then (oh the irony) my dad called and reminded me to be grateful for all of the good things in my life. And then I sat down to read The Happiness Advantage that my mom sent me, wherein Shawn Achor also reminded me of the benefits to practicing gratitude.  And then, because clearly two reminders weren’t doing it, I was poking around one of my favorite blogs and this popped up on my screen – 7 Ways Practicing Gratitude Makes You Happier.

OK universe.  Message received.  

So I started a practice of coming up with one thing every day that I’m grateful for.  If you follow me on Twitter, I’ve started cataloging my #365grateful.  There’s nothing like the social network to hold you accountable to a goal, eh?  🙂

So far, it’s working.  I still want a new car, but I’m starting to feel excited about the prospect of getting one in the future, rather than angry that I can’t have one right now.  Baby steps, but steps in the happy direction.


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