Kansas City River Market

JP had missed his flight from Monrovia, Liberia to Paris, France.  There wouldn’t be another flight for two days.  Two days of staying in Paris’s 11th Ward, a non-touristy location, with my knowledge of French limited to “bonjour” and “merci.”  And I needed breakfast.

So I bit the bullet and wandered down the street, crossing my fingers I could easily find something to eat.  About one block away, I found a small bakery.  The baker/saleslady was extremely patient with my lack of French and we communicated by pointing and holding up fingers for “two croissants.”  As I walked along the picturesque stone sidewalk with a bag of chocolate croissants so fresh I could smell them through all of the many Parisian street smells, I decided I wanted to live in a place like that.

No, I don’t mean pack up and move to Paris (although, who would turn that down, eh?).  I wanted to live in a market-style neighborhood where you can pick up fresh food right down the street.  Where you can walk to most things foodie.

When I lived in Seattle, that place was Pike Place Market.  I always wanted to live in one of the apartments by Pike Place.  In Kansas City, that place is the River Market.


JP took me there for breakfast last Saturday morning.  The temperature had hiked up to 51 degrees and it felt like  KC might actually be transitioning into spring.  The River Market neighborhood is extremely cute, like someone plucked it out of a classic Western movie and plopped it right next to downtown Kansas City.  And the market itself is set up very similar to Pike Place – inside and outside vendor spaces ranging from Brazilian goods to a coffee shop to various produce stands.


The first thing we saw when we walked inside was a shelf full of Lebanese flat bread.  We got completely hooked on flat bread in Liberia, where most of the expat-patronized business are owned by Lebanese.  And they were still warm!  We ended up buying a stack of the larger flat bread and a bottle of shawarma spice for our favorite chicken shawarma wraps.


For breakfast, we stopped into the Bloom Baking Company.  The little man outside snagged me to try a fresh scone (I mean, who turns down a warm-from-the-oven scone?), so then of course I had to drag JP inside for some breakfast pastries.  I sat outside eating my spinach empanda, watching all of the market-goers shop the market with the city skyline in the background.  And in that moment I had that Paris feeling all over again – I want to live right here 🙂


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