When the Universe Answers Back

When I created my theme for 2014, I figured it would take a while to manifest – like a sweet potato that you plant in the spring and can’t dig up until almost winter.  And that’s IF my theme manifested itself at all.  Some seeds, and plans, get eaten up by the unknown and never sprout at all.

But, nonetheless, I mustered up a bit of faith and took the time to describe all of the shapes of my theme, all of the nooks and crannies and details of what Foundation (re)building means to me.  Sometimes the results were pretty esoteric – “practice gratitude.”  Sometimes they were more concrete – “switch to natural beauty products.”  I put wrote it all down and put it all out in the universe, and then I walked away from my theme and focused on the day-to-day.

About a week ago, the universe actually responded to a big component of my theme and I received the surprise of not just 2014, but of many years to come.  I received a gift that is allowing both JP and me to get our feet back under us and finally be in a position to realistically (re)build.  For the first time in years, JP has started to let himself dream again – not about wild adventures or giant shopping sprees.  He sat on the sofa with me the other night and chattered on about all the ways he, we, could become more stable – fix those things that are always breaking, pay down the student loans that eat almost half our income every month, maybe take our first vacation in five years so we can finally get a real “break,” and make regular weekend trips to reconnect with our family, as they were a major reason we relocated to Kansas City.

Someone once told me that a tree needs strong roots, so that in can stay solid while at the same time moving and bending with the wind.  Today, I am grateful for my own roots – Here’s to a great rest of 2014!


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