The Filling Station

coffee beans and brewedEverywhere you turn in Austin there is some fun place to eat, play, eat some more.  We knew those places must exist here in KC, but hadn’t been able to find them yet.  JP especially needed a local coffee shop.  He had Zanzibar in Des Moines, Thunderbird in Austin, and…nothing…in KC.  At least not so far.

Then I stumbled on this fabulous blog – Finding Kansas City.  It lists for a lot of things, but most importantly to us, it had a list of the best (local!) coffee shops in KC.  So JP and I took our new car out for a short drive down the street to The Filling Station.

The second we walked in we knew we had hit gold.  The patrons were a completely random combination of student to artist to hipster to academic.  Perfecto for JP and me, who still haven’t fit ourselves into any kind of box and love hanging out with people of pretty much any and all backgrounds.

Oh yeah, and the coffee was great too.  I, however, must recommend the peach berry pie.  Crust that you could eat all on its own?  Now that is a prize right there.  We ended up getting some ground coffee to go, and I get to enjoy a little bit of The Filling Station every morning at work.

And, most importantly of all, JP now has his coffee shop that he can bike to during the day 🙂


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